Hard Times Lead To Growth

It is hard to think about in the moment, it really is, and I understand that more than most.  When things happen and times get hard how can you look around and say “well this stinks but at least I learned something as a result!”.  You wont see it until the dust settles, until things clear.

I have realized this more and more recently.  Many of you know at this point I injured my back months ago, and I am still having trouble and working on recovering from that injury.  It has been a long, extremely frustrating several months.

However the one solace I take in it is this, in my attempt to figure out what is going on with my own body, my coaching has taken a massive step forward.  The amount of new techniques I have learned to help myself, which I am then taking and applying to others with issues that there seem to be no answer for.  It has flipped the way I often look at things on its head and as a result I am finding that I am able to help more of you more effectively.  

I know it is hard to see in the moment, but when things get tough, that’s when you need to look to learn as much as you can.  Its unbelievable the amount of help it will give you or those you care for later on.  Just remember that!

-Coach Adam

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