Holding down the spotlight after back surgery!

Cristina Kearns is hanging out in the spotlight this week and let me tell you it is WELL DESERVED. The dedication and determination this woman has is out of this world. Her positive attitude is contagious and her outbursts make the entire room smile. I am so thankful to have Cristina train with us. She busts her butt and accepts challenges with open arms. I asked Cristina to share her story, because she has recovered from not one but two back surgeries and I swear you wouldn't even know it. She gets here and frequently sees her name on the perfect attendance poster. She trains like she means it each and every day. Here is what she has to say...

Get Fit has made me STRONGER over the past four years! When I first started at Getfit I was obsessed with the number on the scale; it was not about being healthy it was about being skinny. Today, strong is the new skinny. Getfit has helped me change the way I think and I am so grateful. The amazing coaches at Getfit have also helped me through chronic back pain and recent back injuries.

I have had chronic back problems over fifteen years. I had my first back surgery 12 years ago. During that time in my life I was not exercising, I was making poor food choices and solely concentrating on what my two daughters and husband needed. I was putting my own health on the back burner and I only had myself to blame for that. By not taking care of me, my back problems continued- I was not maintaining a healthy weight, my core was weak and my flexibility was declining.

Fast forward to 2014. I was training for my first full marathon and also training at Getfit. My coaches were continuing to help me work on my core and I was learning the importance of breathing. Coach Meagan was encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and I was lifting more I ever thought I could! In September, I started having sciatic nerve pain and lower back pain and I knew I was headed to very familiar territory. My training runs were getting longer and my pain was increasing. I was back and forth to the doctor and was being prescribed steroids. I was also reaching out to Coach Dean and Coach Meagan, desperate for their advice. Despite these setbacks, I made it to the finish line of the Chicago marathon in October!

However; the pain continued and after physical therapy, chiropractor visits and cortisone shots, in February, my surgeon decided that we needed to take the next step and decompress the nerve that was aggravating my back. The surgery was successful and the recovery was a long road, but Coach Meagan would check in frequently, letting me know she was thinking of me and rooting for me along the way. I took the summer off and returned to Getfit in August 2015. I had my FMS screening and returned with a wrist full of colorful bands; I modified everything! I knew I was in a place where I would get stronger and better; I was watched carefully and I was grateful for their watchful eyes. Thank you Getfit for your continued support, professionalism and encouragement. I look forward to getting up every day to attend my 5 am class; I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Thank you for brightening my day every morning! You are a true rockstar!
-Coach Meagan

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