“I Am Making It Happen!”

“Oh my!! Who is that woman??? ” That was my th ought when I came across this less than flattering picture of myself (note the spiffy cub scout uniform!) The saddest part…I thought I looked ok! I mean..Really?! At that time I was topping out at about 190 pounds with no muscle tone to speak of. My diet consisted mostly of fatty take out and comfort foods. I was a train wreck!! This past summer I finally threw away my size 16 “fat pants”…I am wearing a 10 now. Am I done? Not by a long shot…My health is great..I don’t get sick nearly as much as I used to; my thyroid meds have been decreased twice; I am flexible and I feel great. I am happy to say that I am Making It Happen!!!

Tammy Berrio

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