“I have lost almost 25lbs since I started!”

Why Do I Come To Bootcamp?

The easy answer for me is that I wanted to get in better shape. But if I look a little deeper I realize that I had let myself get to what I refer to as “squishy” because I had lost interest in programs that weren’t challenging me. That’s a poor excuse to just let things go, because doing something is better than doing nothing. But it is what it is. Bootcamp has certainly thrown down the gauntlet. Sweating actually is a good thing, just difficult at the time. I have increased my flexibility and gotten a lot stronger, so I move better and hopefully won’t be so vulnerable to injury. I have lost almost 25lbs since I started. I still have “giggly” parts but decreasing them is part of the continuing quest. Even though I give Dean and Nancy a hard time (it is in jest), I am greatful to them for the encouragement and support. And that’s what bootcamp means to me.

Barbara Gault-Gantz

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