I Hit a Plateau, What Do I Do?

Has this happened to you? You were getting results steadily for months and then all of a sudden you are at a standstill? Scale isn’t moving, bodyfat won’t budge, FIT3D scans looks pretty much the same?

First of all, congratulations. Hitting a plateau reveals that you have successfully made a change. Your new habits have taken you in the direction you were trying to go – score! So, now what? You still aren’t exactly where you want to be, so what is something else you can work on adopting as part of your day to day routine?

•    You already stick to the 90/10 rule.
•    You are training consistently (2-4x each week as recommended by your coach)
•    You’re drinking at least 64 oz of water each day
•    You take a multi vitamin
•    You take your fish oil

If you have those things down and you have hit your plateau, then it doesn’t hurt to do a period of focused nutrition. Luckily, we are always rolling a 21-day Jumpstart, so your opportunity is always there. The Jumpstart isn’t just a one and done challenge. It is something you will benefit from doing 3-4 times a year. Nutrition is a skill. You can always work on mastering your skill. There is always room to improve and learn something new.

Let me give you an example of a real Get Fit NH student. She gave me permission to share her story with you all. In May 2015, we had our annual Sizzling Summer Slimdown (S3) challenge. During the challenge, this student did so well! She was 100% compliant and lost 16 pounds. After the challenge was complete, I challenged her to lose a certain bodyfat percentage by September. She did monthly bodyfat scans and each month her bodyfat dropped a little more. In September, she didn’t meet that goal, but she didn’t give up there. She was disappointed, but she kept moving forward. She stuck to her 90/10 rule which was a new habit and we added a water goal. She nailed the water goal and each month she came in and measured less than the month before. Fast forward 10 months later. This student is STILL holding on strong to her habits. Since May, she is down 35 pounds and 10% bodyfat! At her last appointment, we discovered she hit her plateau. Her bodyfat for the first time in 10 months stayed the same and her weight for the first time in 10 months didn’t budge. She was disappointed, but that is nothing to be upset about.

There are many ways for you to climb over your plateau. The 21-day Jumpstart is a good starting point. The next step may just be to take a focused nutrition course with Coach Nancy. She offers a 10-week nutrition course, Essential Nutrition. While the Jumpstart tells you WHAT to eat, Essential Nutrition teaches you HOW to eat.

I know all of you came here to make it happen. When you are healthier, you are automagically happier and THAT is our mission!

Make it Happen!
Coach Meagan

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