I Just Cried. I Was So Inspired, I Cried.

my deskI know it is hard to imagine, but I sat at my computer desk and cried. Cara, who trains in Epsom had sent me an email. After reading it take a long look in the mirror and find an excuse for not dreaming big dreams and working for what you want. No other words from me are needed. -Coach Nancy

“I’m sure every client who comes through your door, has each their own special story, and their own life challenges. Mine is no more important or interesting than anyone else’s, but it may help you to know who I am , and it could inspire a few.

9 years ago, I had a near death experience after the birth of our daughter Emma. I had a very misunderstood complication at the time, that was causing all of my vital organs to shut down. (called HELLP syndrome). I was not expected to live, our family was brought in to  say goodbye to me. I fought for survival and actually have a conscious memory of what it took to do that. I was in a 10 day coma. My liver and kidneys were failing and my brain and entire body was swelling.  Doctors told me later they had never seen anyone recover so quickly from being so sick.

They discharged me abruptly, with no clear after care plans. I had memory loss, no use of my hands, couldn’t walk or talk. I was sent home and rehabbed on my own, climbing the stairs somehow within a few days. I had lost all of my muscle, and nearly all confidence. I could not hold a cup of water in my hand, it was too heavy. I couldn’t hold my own baby. I couldn’t speak a full sentence. Each day I pushed myself and saw improvement.

Shhhh.... don't tell Cara but she is earning her "I Survived Shirt next week." Thank you Cara for choosing to train with us.

Shhhh…. don’t tell Cara but she is earning her “I Survived Shirt” next week. Thank you Cara for choosing to train with us.

Within 6 weeks I was back to work. I spent the next few years improving our living situation, my career, and made great strides. I was happy to have survived but had lost my body confidence. I gained weight over these next few years of changing jobs, moving, etc. and not putting myself in terms of fitness, on the map.

One of the things I laugh about now, I given a walker when I went home and I told my husband to get it out of my sight and put it in the barn. We never took the tags off, I refused to have my kids see me that way. I hobbled into the house on my own just 3 days after waking up from the coma. Nurses dropped trays in the hospitals when they saw me stand in my room at the hospital before I left. My feet were like a size men’s 14 from all the swelling, no shoes fit. Now that was a funny sight.  

I am in the process ( again a slow stepping one) of writing my story , I hope to have it published one day.

 I have found many other HELLP survivors and want to help with that cause as well.  

This has been my year of putting all the pieces of my Humpty Dumpty life back together again 🙂 It is a great feeling, thank you for such an amazing opportunity.    And thank you for all you do to inspire me to be even better.    

I am happy to have found your program, and my only regret is not finding it sooner. This is the type of exercise that can really rebuild and reshape someone inside and out,  no matter what you have been through. I am only just beginning on my fitness journey, but can see what a difference this is making.  

I look forward to the next year in my new chapter at Get Fit!”          


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