“I Lost 25 lbs!”

Dean, Nancy and Tyler,

I just want to start by saying thank you for all of the help you all have provided me during my company’s Biggest Loser contest. It all made a big difference for me, from the workouts, the encouragement and the very informative seminars that you have provided. The contest began February 1st and ended this past Monday April 26. Even though I did not win the contest I still was able to meet my goals and exceed them. I set out to lose 20 pounds and I was able to lose 25 pounds in the 12 weeks. The winner of the contest lost 44 pounds which in my opinion is phenomenal! So many people have noticed the changes in my appearance from February to now. I am constantly being asked, “how did you do it?”. I always tell them that it has been two changes I have made in my life. First, I have changed how I eat and second, I joined Get Fit NH Boot Camp.

My advice to others who may be considering joining Get Fit NH Boot Camp, “Do not purchase a new suit prior to starting a weight loss program!” Believe me though, the benefits of what I have accomplished exceed the issue of my suits now being too big for me. Obviously I will have to have them tailored again for my new body size. I think I will wait a few more months before doing that just in case I lose a few more pounds and inches.

Rick Demmons, Concord, NH

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