Imagine a World Where You Had All the Answers…

To these “How to” questions:

•    How to be successful
•    How to raise successful and happy children
•    How to live comfortably
•    How to have a happy marriage

I wish I had those direct answers for you, but I don’t! Here is what I do have though – the answers to health! The answers to helping YOU create the best version of YOU. When you’re healthier, you’re happier. When you feel better, you act better. A leaner you is a more confident you. A stronger you is a more independent you. When you challenge yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, you are fearless and unstoppable.

What is one thing you keep telling yourself you’ll focus on next week? Next week never comes, tomorrow never comes, Monday never comes – focus on it NOW. You know what needs to change and, if not, here is a list of some things that could be holding you back from that next mark:

•    Nutrition – whether that means what you are eating, when you are eating, or how many times you are eating. Need some answers? Have you been to a Grateful Plate seminar? Have you tried the 21-day detox? The how to is right in front of you on this subject. It is just a matter of learning and taking action!
•    Training – are you training consistently? Once a week ain’t gonna cut it. Sporadically showing up ain’t gonna cut it. If you are going to do it – DO IT! Challenge yourself. If you are getting in here, then heck, step 2 is making every second from warm up to cool down count!
•    Recovery – Unless you are an elite athlete or someone who makes a living off of training, then quit training six or seven times a week. Guess what you are doing – nothing. Your body does its best work when you are recovering and if you never allow that to happen, then you are spinning your wheels and getting really frustrated when you don’t see a change.
•    Speaking of recovery – sleep! Are you sleeping? Are you shutting off the TV or closing the computer and trying to get at least 7 hours in? If the answer is no, then yeah – you’d be surprised how negatively this can affect where you are trying to go. Guess what happens to patience and discipline and mindset when you are tired? It goes down the drain!
•    Alcohol – so you are eating well, but drinking every night. “Just one glass a wine” does not do the body well. It does not help recovery. It does not help fat burning. Stop fooling yourself. I am not saying the occasional drink is detrimental to results, but I am saying that the nightly cocktail IS.
•    Stress Management – got a stressful job? A lot of us do. Being in control of the things above helps tremendously. If those things are out of control, then you are just adding to the pile.

If you are not going to focus on you, then no one else will. It is up to you to make the changes and focus on getting better. We’ve got a handle on the “How to” for health. The question is: are you just reading or are you taking action?

Make it Happen!
Coach Meagan

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