How to Get Your New Year Nutrition Started Right Without Figuring It Out Yourself, Even If
Tried and Failed Before.

with Get Fit NH and The Grateful Plate  "January Jumpstart"


Your January Jumpstart: GETTING ON TRACK

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    Forget diet plans. counting calories, and pills and potions. Simplification is the key to getting focused - the less we have to think about it, the better. You'll learn how to setup your kitchen for success, shop only for the foods you need, and a step-by-step plan for getting the results that will keep you motivated.
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    Sometimes you don't know how bad you feel until you feel better. There are 3 common food categories that affect us more than we realize, and you'll discover which ones might be making you feel less than your best.
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    Expert Coaching, Daily Check-Ins, and our Online "Inspire" group is where the magic really happens. When you get stuck, we got your back. 

You Get Everything You Need 

To Start Dropping The Pounds and Looking and Feeling Great!

Jumpstart Guide

Full Color .pdf

The backbone of the January Jumpstart is the 21-Day Nutrition Challenge manual, which takes you step-by-step through the program.

Recipe Refresh Volume 1 & 2

42 Super Recipes

We've upped the game by doubling the healthy delicious recipes! You'll keep coming back to these throughout the year.

Daily Lessons & Tracking

Track On Paper or App

You'll receive over 30 lessons to help you build good nutrition habits well beyond when your January Jumpstart is over. Using the "Coach Catalyst" app gives you and your coaches the feedback you need for success.

Your Support Team

We Got Your Back!

Going it alone is no fun! You'll have access to our Private Facebook group for inspiration and coaching. No Facebook? No Problem? You can message your coach through our custom Coach Catalyst app.

About the Authors

Nancy and Dean Carlson have coached hundreds of clients to lose weight and find their best health. Nancy's unique ability to help each of her clients find what is holding them back and creating a breakthrough has made her a "coach of coaches". Dean knows the hard work it takes to body transformation, having lost over 100 pounds and keeping it off for a decade. But it's not only them. They have built an amazing team of coaches who will help you make it happen!

“There are no secrets to health. There are no lack of resources and plans. But knowing what to do is a far cry from actually doing it. That is why coaching, accountability, and support matter.”

Dean and Nancy Carlson

The Accountability & Inspiration You Need

34 Daily Lessons to help you prep for success and help you make healthy eating something you can actually do. From portion sizes to emotional eating to sleep - it's in there!

Besides your downloadable and printable Nutrition Challenge guide, you'll receive a printable Habit Tracker, Menu Planning Template and a "Symptom Spreadsheet" to help you identify your trigger foods.

Accountability, Access to Expertise, and Association with a group of Like-Minded Rockstars committed to your success. Together we are better!


What People Are Saying...



“I hopped on my scale at home yesterday and I am down 9.2 lb.'s. The program outlined in the packet you sent over was very well laid out, easy to follow, and answered all the questions I had. I enjoyed making and eating the recipe's and I found the plan to fit into my life, far better than I imagined. My husband and I plan to eat this way on a regular basis.”




“Workouts were better and clothes got a bit looser. (I think I lost 10 pounds!) The food was good and I even got my husband to eat dinners that I prepared. I learned a lot about the foods I hadn't eaten before - mostly the non-sugar condiments and the non-gluten flours, etc. Although I've had celiac disease for several years, I wasn't experimenting with the alternative flours and oils, so that was very helpful.”




“If I fuel my body with healthy food, it’s so much happier with me than if I feed it junk!”


Is The January Jumpstart Right For You?

Who is this for

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    People who are ready to take action and get to work
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    People who are committed to laying a foundation for habits that will stick
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    People who are willing to experiment a little, have some fun, and stick it out
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    Learners, Listeners, and Action Takers

Who is this not for

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    Someone looking for the "magic bullet" for weight loss
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    Someone who just wants to just "try something new" without putting in the work
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    "Negative Nellies" who will focus on what they can't have rather than all the amazing things they can
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    Whiners, Complainers and Quitters

Are You Ready?

Be on the lookout for our Fast Action offer!

Access to our private Facebook Group

We know Facebook isn't for everybody, and that's ok. But we also know that those who participate on our Facebooks groups get the encouragement, inspiration, and motivation we all need when times get tough.


January Jumpstart Seminar 

Mark your Calendar for January 13, 2018. We will be holding a LIVE January Jumpstart workshop to get all your questions answered and get you moving forward - fast!


Fast Action Bonus

The First 100 Rockstars to sign up will not only receive all the downloadable files, but a Full-Color Printed Manual with all the resources and recipes guides included!

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Don't Forget the FAST ACTION BONUS for the First Hundred To Signup!

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    Meal Plans & Templates Eliminate the Guesswork
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    An Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Plan
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    42 Delicious Recipes
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    Grocery Checklist Makes Shopping Easier
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    Expert Coaching and Accountability
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    BONUS: 5 Day Prep Week Gets You Ready To Rock

Friends & Family only $77

Not a current Get Fit NH or Grateful Plate client?

We got you covered!

You get all the great benefits of the January Jumpstart, whether you are local or live in Timbuktoo!

We would love to have you on board and help you have your best 2018 ever!



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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