Jeff is Down 40 Pounds in 8 Weeks, Step by Step!

Jeff (5:00am Concord) first contacted us because he saw how his friend and co-worker Karl (who lost 102 pounds last year) was finally losing the weight and getting healthy, and he thought – why not me?

Why Not Indeed!

Over the past 8 weeks Jeff is literally transforming before our eyes. It was incredible when he shared with his teammates and training partners that in the 8 weeks since he has started he has lost 40 pounds – wow!

Now Jeff is a big guy, and he has a lot to lose. He joked with us Monday that he was no longer “morbidly obese, just regular obese”, and you know what, it’s that kind of sense of humor and attitude that keeps you from looking too far ahead and instead focusing on all the great things that are happening in the “now”.

Jeff told me he is not starving himself, not doing anything crazy. I will tell you that since he started he has not missed a training session, in fact he is almost always the first one through the door.

Attitude Is Everything, and Jeff has a great one.

There’s a good chance Jeff is going to break Karl’s record, and if I know Karl, he’ll be the first one in line to shake his hand.

So what about you?

It’s March, 2 months into the new year.

Are YOU on track to reach your goals?

Make It Happen!

Coach Dean

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