Keep em’ Shining!

Eileen McCarthy is representing the spotlight today! You know what is too cool about being a coach? I get to see people make incredible changes both physically and mentally. I was looking at Eileen the other day and I was like WOW! Look at her arms! They are beautifully toned and I distincally remember her sharing with me that she wanted her arms to have more definition and boy, did she make it happen! Eileen recently did our annual Sizzling Summer Slimdown transformation contest and it was during that challenge where I saw her tone right up. I am proud of Eileen, because she makes it happen at 5AM and she does it with a smile on her face!

What drove you to check out Get Fit NH?
My work is very sedentary; sitting at a computer from 7am to 5pm and often times even later. I realized I needed more exercise than just a half hour on the elliptical trainer at Planet Fitness every Saturday and Sunday when at the end of the work day I was so sore just from sitting! I could feel myself just getting more and more out of shape and my energy level was so low.

I knew I needed a formal “class” to go to and first looked into Pilates, but found the class times weren’t convenient and I wanted a more active, cardio and strength training type of exercise program. I found Get Fit NH by doing research online and signed up for the two week trial.

What did you learn after your first two weeks?eileen
I knew immediately I’d found the right place! Everybody was so friendly. The workouts were fun and challenging and the coaches were very helpful. All I had to do was show up and follow directions; exactly what I needed at 5 o’clock in the morning. I started to feel better and more energetic within a few days of starting. I was sore; but it was a good sore!

What made you choose to stay after your two week trial?
I chose to stay after the two week trial because the increase in energy I felt was significant and I wanted to continue working towards developing increased strength, stamina, cardiovascular ability, flexibility, & balance. I was hooked on feeling good!

What results have you seen since training with us?
The most significant changes I’ve seen since I joined in February are the loss of fat, increase in lean muscle and improved levels of energy. For example, last summer I wouldn’t wear a short sleeved shirt because of my “bat wings”. This year I think my arms are more toned and I feel okay in short sleeves!

I’m really glad I found Get Fit NH and the Get Fit community. I’m not typically an early morning person, but I actually look forward to setting my alarm for 4:37AM and getting to the 5AM class four days a week. By 6AM I’ve usually had a few good laughs, a great workout and am energized and ready for my day. You can’t beat that!

Thank you for always making it happen, Eileen. You are an inspiration to more than you know!
-Coach Meagan


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