Kim Doesn’t Shout But She is Heard

Does this sound like you? Because I hear it a lot. It’s hard. It’s hard to think about and it’s hard to talk about and I’ve been through this before. I have struggled with my weight for years. I have always been overweight. I began to feel so physically awful that I knew I had to make some changes. The thought of needing to lose weight is many things - it’s daunting, it’s embarrassing and it’s just downright hard. When it comes to hard work, I'm reminded of Kim. 

Kim is amazingly stealthy. I say that in only a good way. She gets her work done in training. She asks questions and moves forward in her nutrition. She sticks to it. She doesn't waver...... much. She is honest and straight forward. I couldn't ask for a more open minded student. I'll let her tell you the results. But as you read them, remember it took hard work to get her where she is today. Consistent daily work. What Kim doesn't do is make a big deal of it all. She just gets it done.

 "I came to Get Fit NH because I had been hearing great things about them and reached out to a FB friend to further inquire (thank you Paulette for saying the right things at the right time). I knew I needed a more personal approach and not just a $10/month gym because I knew I lacked discipline and had simply been out of the loop for far too long.

 What I learned after my first two weeks is that I can actually go to bed early and get up early for a 5 a.m. class if I really put my mind to it! I learned that my kids were capable of getting ready on their own and that I could make this new schedule work. I learned that when that little voice on the monitor tells me to “rest” that it really doesn’t mean rest. It’s more like “get your butt to the next spot you’re supposed to be and get ready”.

 I took the leap mid-April and then not long thereafter I started S3 with a fantastic partner that I had never met before. I have hypothyroidism and I had been struggling with fatigue. Once I changed the way I ate, I almost immediately felt such a huge difference in my energy levels which has really been great for both me and my family. I have had days that I’m sore from working out, but it doesn’t bother me as I can tell that I’m slowly making progress and getting stronger. I don’t know if I will ever fully look forward to waking up for a 5 a.m. class time, but I truly look forward to class and it’s been such a great way for me to begin my days. With the kids out of school for the Summer, I find that I have time to relax after my morning class w/ a cup of tea and just enjoy a little peace and quiet before my work day begins.

 My overall experience with Get Fit NH has been phenomenal. I remember the first time I got a post card in the mail from Coach Nancy and I cried like a baby. I was just so touched that she took the time reach out to me. Then I remember the other day I was at work and I got a call on my cell and well . . . nobody ever calls me . . . lol. It was Coach Nancy so I figured that I should actually answer it. I thought I was in trouble for something?! She called to tell me what a great job I was doing and how proud she was that I came to class during my vacation week. It’s mind-blowing to have someone actually call you and say that. I think that this is just one of the things that probably sets them apart from other gyms. I was also so inspired when I listened to Coach Dean share a little bit of personal journey in the intro to S3 - I’m thinking there’s a book deal in here somewhere for him. I like his approach of good, better, best and I appreciate his candidness when he answers your questions. Honestly, I don’t think that there’s anyone there that wouldn’t try to help you or answer your questions and that includes my classmates. They’re all so gracious in letting me follow along like a lost puppy at times and each one of them is willing to encourage you. They don’t even know this, but each of them inspires me differently and makes me want to continue to come to class and work hard. For that I am so thankful.

Well Nancy, there’s so much I can say but it’s hard and I certainly don’t want to become over-confident or cocky. I’m pleased with what I have done so far but there’s much more work to do. Maybe I’ll eventually get strong enough that I can actually hang on the bar?!? or something crazy like that?!"

I can't wait to hear from Kim again because although there isn't any yelling, her life is heard. 

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