Lay it ALL out there.

intensity“Learn to love Intensity not Duration” Rachel Cosgrove

I just experienced one of those special moments. One that sparks excitement, one that keeps you smiling, puts that spring in your step for the rest of the day and longer, one you want to share, one to be relived.

Fun Friday is a special day in training each week. A time devoted to adding a bit more to the last day of training for the week. Our Fun Friday this week had an element of team to it. On this day you worked with a group of friends to complete the 4 round challenge.

“Wait stop the music, turn off the sound system, (I even unplugged the fan), Listen up”

The ladies at 9 am needed to hear this. I’m not sure why between round 3 and 4 but I was led to stop it all and give this little pep talk. We had six minutes of training left. I knew this round was full of quick transitions. I wanted to see training going on. Like training you would see in an Olympic gym, or preparing for the Super Bowl, or the World Series. I had just read this quote. “Learn to love intensity not duration” by Rachel Cosgrove. This is what I told the group.

“We have six minutes. I want this to be the six minutes of your day. We give give give all day long, we are like a die hard battery just going going going. What if we pushed all the energy into six minutes. Instead of looking like a marathon, all out intensity for six minutes. And on top of that those six minutes are going to be broken down into smaller tidbits of times. Burst of energy – all Out Intensity.” (I then showed them what that would like for our training)

Those next six minutes were special. I saw determination on the faces of those ladies like I had never seen before. They were too busy being focused. There was no time to chat, This was the time to work. And work they did. I am so proud, many of them did more than they thought they could. They gave it their all for six minutes. It inspired others in the room. It is continuing to inspire me. Were they tired? Yes! But they are better because of their effort.

So what can you do? Do you have the intensity to focus on one thing and go all out for it? Can you make one activity more intense by paying attention to smaller details? I know you can. In training the details will get you the results you want. Skipping the details can be the reason  you haven’t reached your goals.

What about other areas? Intensify your nutrition plan? If you pay more attention to the details, each detail each meal, will you reach your health goals faster? Don’t let little things slide. Be an all out player.

I saw a miracle happen today. It was a special moment when the entire room lit on fire. I am so glad I was there. I am so glad those ladies were ready and willing to pour all their intensity into six minutes.

Get Better Each Day,

Coach Nancy

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