Lean vs. Bulky

Ladies, you are NOT going to get bulky by lifting heavy!

This misconception is all too common these days. I want you to think about the body shape of our female coaches- does bulky and buff come to mind? Bulky doesn’t happen to ladies unless you work REALLY hard and go out of your way to make that happen. And even still, it is VERY challenging. There is a lot of food and supplementation involved to look like a figure competitor or body builder. Trust me – only a fraction of those bodies have anything to do with lifting heavy.

As ladies, we just don’t have the testosterone in our body to build muscle that way, so rest assured and lift heavier!

What does strong and lean look like?

Don’t think skinny, think lean. They are very different body shapes. Skinny people look great with clothes on, lean people look better naked. Those are the facts. Blunt? Maybe, but when have you known me to be shy?

So, how do you achieve lean and strong?

There are a number of factors that play into that, but I am going to focus on the training floor for the purpose of this blog!

Pick something up worth picking up. If it was easy and you could have goblet squatted many more reps once the timer goes off- pick something heavier up next time. You should feel like there was no way you were getting another rep in- THAT’S how heavy it was! If you are on MYZONE or Polar, you should be able to get your heart rate up based on the heavy weights in your hands. Yellow is a totally doable zone when lifting enough. On farmers walk- stay away from the small weights. If you don’t grunt a little just moving the kettlebell then it probably isn’t heavy enough 🙂 ! Finish the set. Every second counts. Muscle fatigue is one thing, but stopping at “3” is silliness! Don’t do that. Lean people move with a purpose. They don’t lollygag. They pay attention to speed of movement. They take the warm up and cool down seriously, because they know they need it to get better, get stronger and recover

Put the bulky fear behind you. It is not going to happen. If you want to achieve that body shape then we need to talk in order to get you there, because it just won’t happen naturally.

Coach Meagan​

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