Learning From Darkness

During a recent training, a song was playing, and the lyrics really struck a nerve with me.

The song is called “The Light” by Disturbed. One of the lines says: 

Sometimes darkness can show you the light”.  

That line almost made me cry as I reflected on it.  I have personally been through some very dark times in the past and right now there is darkness for some people I love dearly.  Maybe you have experienced your own periods of darkness.  I know many of you have shared your struggles with me.

It is often challenging to see any light when you are in the dark. You have probably heard the proverbial saying about “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”  In a tunnel all you are focused on is the darkness that surrounds you as you proceed forward to end where there will be light once again.  It is those times that it is crucial to have a support system to show you the light.  We need energy (physical, emotional and mental) from others to help us move forward. 

When I have experienced my own darkness, I have also been blessed with people who care about me to bring me through to see light.  I have learned that through the darkness I have been able to grow in ways I would not have otherwise.  My greatest hope is that if you are experiencing any sort of darkness (injury, loss of a loved one, mental health issues, etc.) that you would know that your family at Get Fit NH is here for you!

-Coach Erin

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