Lessons from the Super Bowl

I would imagine many of you watched or at least heard about the recent Super Bowl. What an epic performance. As many of you know, I am no athlete. If you throw a ball to me, I will most certainly duck. Despite the fact that I am not an athlete, this year’s Super Bowl performance taught a powerful lesson that I believe is worth talking about.

First and foremost, how about the “why” this Patriots team shared. Not only was this the biggest and most meaningful game to them, but it was a chance for Tom Brady to make history. History was made for many reasons that night. Because of this “why”, the team fought with every ounce of strength for every second of that game. What is your why? Is it big enough that you are willing to fight for it every second of every day- even when it seems nearly impossible?

Pushing through even when odds are against you. When I fell asleep on Super Bowl Sunday, the score was 28-9 in the third quarter. There was no way the Patriots were coming back from this. Never, in the history of super bowls, had any team come back from such a score. I was honestly wondering if the Patriots were throwing in the towel, because there was no way they could recover from this (because let’s get real, for a little while they didn’t show up to that game!).

I woke up to my husband jumping up and down and Tom Brady on his knees, because he had just won his 5th super bowl. Despite the odds, despite the naysayers, despite the challenge they pushed through, because they wanted to win that bad. Do you want to reach your goals that bad? Where absolutely nothing will stand in your way? So bad that when someone tells you there is no way, you find a way?

Every second counts. Man, did the Patriots prove that or what? Even with 3 seconds left on the clock Bill was calling a timeout to get one more play in in hopes that he could get some points on the board. And did you see the fourth quarter? Even with less than 3 minutes left they were still down. Those guys played with every bit they had left, left it all on the field and walked away champions.

Are you paying attention to the other 165 hours per week that you are not in the gym? That is crucial time and if you’re not paying attention then you’re not going to get very far.

Learn from the Patriots. They are a successful team because they are coached by the best and they give it their all every time!

Coach Meagan

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