Lets Get Ready to Rumble!

Don't waste any more time. You need to be ready. In January, its easy to not do anything, not change anything, not make any resolutions. But if you train at Get Fit NH, you are not known for taking the easy way out. 

On January 13th at 9am in Concord, your team of coaches is going to get you ready for change. The January Jumpstart Nutrition workshop will be an hour of getting you ready, helping you be set and then letting you go!

We'll take the 21+ Jumpstart Nutrition Challenge guide and break it down so you have your goals laid out before the challenge begins. We want to make this challenge easier for you. We'll teach you how to listen to the signals your body has been telling you for years. Plus I want to show you how to access the accountability and support you need. 

                                            Be ready mentally

Get set physically

                                                          All so you can go!

What if you're not sure you're going to do the 21+ Day Jumpstart Nutrition Challenge? Come on in. We'll be focusing on setting the goals you need to be the best you. If you're undecided now, check out the information because there is a bonus for signing up early. Shhhhh...... its the nutrition guide printed out for you. 

I'm not going to sell you on the 21+ Jumpstart Nutrition Challenge here, I want to help those who have decided to set some goals make those goals ones that inspire them to succeed.

Let me help you be Ready, Be Set, and then you can, Go!

Mark the date:

Jumpstart Nutrition Workshop

                                                 January 13th at 9:00am 

                                               Location:  Get Fit NH Concord

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