Linda D. shows us it’s not ALL about the scale

While body composition and weight loss is certainly a significant part of the overall picture of training, there is another huge benefit to regular resistance exercise, and that is the effect on health markers such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, resting heart rate and more. The incredible Linda D. tells us what she found out at her last physical. Keep up the great work Linda! – Coach Dean

Yesterday I had my annual physical, and I felt very ambivalent going in. My recent birthday had a big Zero in it, and my cholesterol, etc. numbers have been getting as bad as the ones on the scale. Still, I have been at Boot Camp faithfully for 6 months (even though that is basically my first regular exercise in 40 years). I just bought smaller jeans, and I know I am a lot stronger than I was.

My blood pressure is now 126/70. My pulse is down from 80 to 72. My cholesterol numbers are lower than they have been since my kids were born, and my HDL (the good stuff) is so high that I now have “negative risk” for heart disease. And, oh yeah, I have lost 17 pounds, but no height. My doctor announced it was the best he has seen me in 20 years.

I still have a long way to go, but what has really changed is the way I look at it. When I started, I just wanted to lose weight. Then I realized I wanted to get strong. Now, I can taste what it is like to be healthy. I keep working toward better food choices, and this kind of feedback–along with all the friendly support from Dean, Erin, and the great people in my class–makes me believe I will make it happen.

– Linda D


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