Lori Is Cranking It – Success Story!

Lori Before

Ever since Lori walked through the door she has attacked her training with passion and perseverance.

The results so far?

Check it out!

“Build it and they will come”

Seems like such a simple statement.

That’s what the voices said to Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. Those around him thought he was crazy, but with faith and perseverance he made it happen. I felt like those naysayers. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and so tired of feeling tired.

Lori after 14 weeks at Get Fit NH - Making It Happen!

But here I am after 14 weeks of Bootcamp down, 16 lbs with a lot of body re-composition! And what has it taken to get me here….perseverance, hard work and a whole lot of faith!! I wish I could say it was easy, but its not. But I can say it has gotten less daunting!! I so look forward to training days at 8:30. I do know that the ladies in my group are a great source of support, encouragement and inspiration.

We all have our “field of dreams ” that we striving toward and with the support of each other and Coach Dean and Coach Erin we are making it happen!!

I think the secrect to success is finding what works best for you. For me, it is the hard work at Bootcamp and staying away from extra carbs and overly processed foods. There is no magic pill to swallow, no magic potion or lotion to use.If you look deep enough you will find that the magic is inside of you and you have to have faith and willingness to do the hard work!! I am still a work in process and have a way to go but I will make it happen!

Thanks Get Fit NH, Coach Dean, Coach Erin and all the ladies at the 8:30 Ladies class in Concord!!

Lori Boucher-Nichol

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