If you train at Get Fit NH, then you know we don’t accept mediocracy. We don’t accept it for ourselves and we don’t accept it from our students. We like to think that is part of what separates us from the rest.

As the great coach Martin Rooney says, “There is a big difference between compliance and self-accountability. Most people just comply with what they have to do and as a result, they accept mediocrity. Some people, however, take things upon themselves and do their best in all situations. They go the “little extra”.  These are the daring souls that eventually rise above the rest and enjoy high levels of success in their lives.”

Coach Rooney has a theory about mediocracy that resonates so much with me and I think it will sit well with you too. He uses the acronym “M.T.E.” In mediocre people, M.T.E stands for “Meets the Expectation”. If we relate this to training, that might mean you show up to training 2, 3, 4 times per week as prescribed and you exercise or you complete the 21 day detox and then go right back to old habits.

In successful, results-oriented people, M.T.E stands for “More Than Expected”. Meaning you get in here, you train hard, you load heavy, eat well, accept coaching, and continue to get 1% better every single day. There is a HUGE difference in those acronyms. Imagine what you could get done if you gave more than expected in every aspect of your life. For today, make it a point to do a little more than expected. Before I let you go, here are some examples:

1.    Say “Thank You” as many times a day as possible…and mean it!
2.    Find people doing positive things and compliment them for it.
3.    Write a hand written letter to someone that has helped you with something.
4.    Stay organized and take on projects that you are both interested in and can do well.
5.    Prepare your meals
6.    Pick up a weight that intimidates you!

Make it happen,
Coach Meagan

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