Make Training an Appointment

I have had the pleasure of meeting with a number of students who describe their training hour as a scheduled appointment. I wanted to share this thought with you, because it may help you adjust your mindset a bit.

When you have a doctor’s or dentist appointment, you have it written down or logged in your phone. You know that at 8 AM you will be where you said you were going to be, because someone is expecting you. Most of the time you will work the rest of your schedule around said appointment and if you just cannot attend then you do 1 of 2 things (usually) – you call to cancel or you reschedule….what am I getting at exactly?

I challenge you to make your training hour an appointment. When you schedule meetings and other outings, schedule around your set appointment. The luxury of training at Get Fit NH is that we are flexible. Of course every now and then life happens and you have to rearrange your schedule a bit. Another training hour is always open to you when life happens. Sometimes life happens all at the same time in one day and you really cannot make it- it happens and we won’t hold it against you! We won’t start to give you the coaching stare unless is becomes a habit!

The world we live in now is so fast paced. Our jobs, our kids, and our family are all a few factors that distract us from ourselves. When it comes to your health- be selfish. Get to your training appointment and do your best every month to get your name on that perfect attendance poster. You have the power!

-Coach Meagan

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