March Madness Epsom Style

March Madness isn’t just for Basketball

photo-145During the month of March we turned up the action in Get Fit NH Concord and Epsom. Things were hopping and a bit crazy. For the first time ever Concord had a challenge completely different from Epsom.

In Epsom each training time battled against all other training times in a sled push challenge. While we had some veterans push the 135 – pound sled, others pushed for the very first time. What a great feeling to drive that much weight down the length of the gym and back. For each lap they earned points for their team. As a coach there isn’t a better feeling than seeing huge numbers rack up as the month went on. There were numbers from 2,565 pounds to 76,275 pounds pushed through the whole month. Dan from the 6:15 training time pushed the most with 565 laps during the whole month. The prize? Take home dinner cooked by Coach Nancy. Team 6pm won this challenge with a total of 1928 laps pushed and a whopping total of 259,200 pounds pushed in March. With that number they would have pushed 43,200 elephants back and forth in the gym. Now that is Madness.

Congratulations to all. And enjoy your dinner 6 pm!

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