The March Madness Results Are In!

March Madness Round 2 was a huge success in both Epsom and Concord!! We had a lot of hard working individuals working as a team for 4 weeks. While I am sad to say there can only be one winner for each gym location, you all did an amazing job!

For Concord, team Bow Ties took the crown this year. The team made up of Muriel Hall, Sue Pribis, Cristy Bresson, and Kara Hinck will be cutting down the nets in Concord this year. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you very much for everyone in Concord who competed in the Myzone Challenge! And the prize – a sweet custom Get Fit NH tee designed by the winning team! ​I can't wait to see it worn in the gym by these ladies.

March Madness at Get Fit NH Epsom was a battle of sled pusher against sled pusher. Each training time had a team in the challenge. Their goal was to push the sled the most laps per team member than all other training times. I was so proud of each who took the challenge. Lisa, from 9am, described pushing the sled as pushing a car out of the mud. It can feel like that although not as heavy as a stuck-in-the-mud car. While we had some veterans push the 135-pound sled, others pushed for the very first time. What a great feeling to drive that much weight down the length of the gym and back. 

Our teams pushed over 631,530 pounds throughout March Madness. While the 9am Ladies only crew had the most people pushing, and 6:15 had the highest one-person score, 6pm took home the prize. They pushed an average of 183.4 laps each in a month. The prize? Take home dinner cooked by Coach Nancy. With that number they would have pushed 315 Polar Bears (each weighing 2000 pounds) back and forth in the gym. Now that is Madness.

Congratulations to all! And enjoy your dinner 6pm!

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