Mark Your Calendars – “Eat Your Way Right” Start October 28

hThis Just In!

There will be a kickoff meeting for “Eat Your Way Right 2013” at both gyms on Tuesday October 22nd.

We will give a complete overview of the challenge as well as have a time of Q & A.

As the goal of the challenge is to make it through the holidays unscathed, you will also be asked (but not forced) to step on the scale. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a leg up on the challenge and prepare in advance.

Eat Your Way Right Kickoff Meetings

Tuesday October 22nd

Get Fit NH Concord – 6:45pm

Get Fit NH Epsom – 7:15pm


You read that correctly, oh yes you did.

In just 3 short weeks until “Eat Your Way Right Through The Holidays 2013” starts, and I am pumped!


Because this challenge is going to get you through the holidays without needing stretchy pants for Christmas. That’s a definite win, wouldn’t you say?

Face it.

The Halloween candy is already out at the office, and it is only going to get worse.

What we need is a plan.

And lucky for all of us we have one –  “Eat Your Way Right Through The Holidays 2013”.

We are going to take 8 of the toughest eating weeks of the year and totally dominate them.

Are you excited? Are you ready?




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