Marquita Shines in the Spotlight

The best way to end my work day is to coach the 6pm Epsom training crew. They are an amazing blend of people. All of them are a team that works together to get 'better' each day. That 'better' looks a bit different for each of them. Being 'better' has blended together many different personalities, ages, strengths, and abilities. Marquita is one who consistently trains each night with us. As you read, you'll see Marquita's reasons to be 'better'. 

​I’m not big on talking about myself but I was asked to so here it goes.

My son joined the Air Force and watching him go through his basic training, feeling bad for him yet being very proud. I decided that if my son can do this training stuff, so can I. I want to be someone he can be proud of; I want to be proud of myself.

I have been with Get Fit for about 6 months. It took me almost 3 months after I heard about this place to actually call, and looking back I’m glad I did. I had just moved to the area the first of the year and I found myself in a rut, not knowing anyone, but knowing I wanted a change. I needed a change. I did Zumba and loved it but it was only 2 days a week, I wanted to do more. My self-esteem was low, I had gained a lot of weight (I weighed what I did when I gave birth each time). I didn’t like who I had become, I was tired all the time, my body hurt all the time, I needed something, but I hated the gym. All the equipment and all the people, everything was always so over whelming. I had no ambition.

I went for my 2 weeks free trial but I knew after the first night that Get Fit was for me. I would come home after class and tell my husband all about it. I enjoyed how Nancy made me feel comfortable, how if I didn’t know how to do something she would show me, or if I couldn’t do it she would modify it so I could. I love how it’s different every night. I actually look forward to going. I love all the different challenges, and how they make you push yourself and make you hold yourself accountable.

During the 21 Day Detox challenge I learned a lot about FOOD. It made me look at food differently; I pay attention to the labels and what’s in the food and what’s not. Since I’ve joined I have lost about 15 lbs. Even though the 21 day challenge is done I continue to eat healthy and try to make healthier choices. People say you’re on a diet and I say it’s not a diet it’s a way of eating.

I love how my confidence has gone through the roof. I love when someone asks me what have I been doing and I tell them it’s Get Fit. I love the Get Fit Family and I’m so happy I joined.

At Get Fit NH's Annual Christmas Party, Marquita won "The Most Likely To Break Out in Song During Training" Award. All that wonderfulness inside Marquita just bubbles out, you can't help but join her singing.

-Coach Nancy

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