Mary is getting her Cholesterol under control

Studies show that one of the many benefits of exercise include a reduction in overall and “bad” (LDL) cholesterol and increase “good” HDL cholesterol. We have had many clients be “threatened” by their doctor to put them on Cholesterol meds at their next checkup if their numbers didn’t get better, only to be pleasantly surprised to find out that was not necessary, as all their hard work has resulted in a drastic improvement in their numbers. And not just cholesterol, but blood pressure and thyroid meds as well!

There are many reasons you do not want to be on these drugs, not the least are the side effects (have you heard some of the disclaimers on the commercials? The drug side effects sound worse than what they are treating!) and the cost.

In most cases it is a choice – Go on the drugs, or change your lifestyle. Choose to go on the drugs, and it can be a never ending cycle. We have had clients that were on 7 or 8 different meds when they started with us, which just amazes me! The good news is when they put the effort into changing their lifestyle, the number of drugs they are on often go down or disappear entirely! Get Fit NH Bootcamp is an investment that pays off big time!

Thanks to Mary for sending us her success story, a progress report on the great work she is doing.

Keep it up Mary!

Mary is shy, so she sent Fox and Mulder Instead!

“Hi Dean, I’m writing to share a success story with you.  In August of 2010 I went to my physician for my routine wellness exam, which, of course, included the standard bloodwork. My results were less than favorable, as my cholesterol was pretty high at 275.  My triglycerides were 79 and HDL was 76 which were both really good, but my LDL was 183, which wasn’t.

Because my HDL was really good, my doctor told me to take a low dose aspirin every day, and plan on going on a low dose cholesterol medication upon my next yearly exam.  

Well, I went back this past week and was met with some very favorable news:  My overall cholesterol level has dropped to 234 and my triglycerides are at 60. My HDL, or good cholesterol is even better at 83, while my bad cholesterol has dropped to 139.  Although the LDL is still high, it is significantly lower than last year. I was elated when he told me that I would not have to go on the medication.  

This is just more proof that what I am doing in bootcamp is definitely working!  I want to thank you for all you do for us. I’ve come to you many times with questions and concerns regarding my health, nutrition, injuries etc and you are always happy to explain and enlighten me regarding these issues. I’ve been with Get Fit NH for two years now and am looking forward to many more.

Keep up the good work and Thank you for keeping me healthy!!” – Mary M.

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