Mastery & Habit. What’s The Connection?

celloToday is the official start of “Eat Your Way Right Through The Holidays 2013”, and we are excited to get things rolling!

As you know EYWR is a habit based challenge.

The Free Dictionary defines “habit” this way:

a. A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.
b. An established disposition of the mind or character.

The first part of the definition tells you how the pattern of behavior is established – through frequent repetition.

The second part of the definition describes the result of this frequent repetition, and this is the good part – you become the habit, it is part of who you are.

It’s how you think, feel and act.

Look at it this way. When you go to a party are your friends more surprised when you make supportive choices or when you don’t make supportive choices?

You know what I mean. People actually seem shocked that I would have a piece of dessert when I am out, because for me that is out of character. Believe me it was not always this way. But after I did it once and survived it got easier and easier. I was creating new patterns of behavior that now are my new norm, and people notice when my behavior is different than usual.

That’s what EYWR is all about. Repeating good choices over and over again until they become part of who we are. That’s when this whole “eating healthy” thing actually gets easy.

And that’s what brings us to Mastery.

I think it’s safe to say we all appreciate people who are really good at doing something.

In the arena of sport perhaps watching Phil Mickelson get his approach shot within 5 feet from an impossible lie.

Or maybe it’s listening to Yo Yo Ma play the cello like he was born with it in his hands.

We watch in amazement as the Discovery Channel shows us a surgeon repairing delicate nerve fibers.

These people have mastered their craft, and while we can be amazed, we don’t have to think mastery is unachievable in our own lives.

These skilled practitioners didn’t wake up one day being great at what they do.

They overshot the green, they missed a note, and the surgeon practiced on dead people for crying out loud.

Mastery over any subject takes dedication, perseverance, patience and time. It’s hard, no two ways about it.

But it can be done.

Over the next 8 weeks you can start, or build on, your journey toward mastering your nutrition, for life.

It starts today.

Take action, don’t settle, work hard, be your best.

I look forward to seeing you Make It Happen!

Coach Dean


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