A Mother-Daughter Spotlight – Part 1!

Student Spotlight time!!! This time it is shining on Rita Grenier for the first part of a mother and daughter spotlight. Rita has been a student at Get Fit NH for several months now and continues to bring a positive attitude and willingness to work hard whenever she comes. She and her daughter Jess have been a great addition to the family, coming in with a great sense of humor and looking to have some fun. Rita's hard work has paid off as she has screened out of multiple bands and is looking to take care of the ones she has remaining. Enough from me, take a look at what Rita had to say about her experience!

Rita and her daughter Jess winning the "Best Mother-Daughter Accountability" award!

Why did you choose Get Fit NH?

I had just been diagnosed hypothyroid and having metabolic syndrome. When I looked into Get Fit NH, they were offering the Metabolic Reboot which, being a structured course, I felt fit my needs perfectly.

What changes did you notice in the first few weeks?

I had much more energy and less brain fog!! My biggest issue with being hypothyroid was the exhaustion. Since joining I am not sleeping all the time and I am able to do so much more! I still have off days but they are few and far between now.

What outside of Get Fit NH has become easier since starting?

My job. I work nights, therefore I go to class before work. I go in with a much better frame of mind, more positive attitude, and a much better mood. I move around so much easier, and my feet and my back do not hurt so much as they use to. I can climb steps without being out of breath! I also have more energy to keep up with my 4 rescue labs!

What are your goals?

My goal is to develop and stick to good eating habits and losing weight. My other goal? To drop at least 3 more bands!

What have you accomplished so far?

I've dropped 3 bands since day one. I'm pretty proud of that. LOL. I've also come out of my shell so to speak. It's hard to be social when you sleep all the time. Everyone in all the classes are friendly and supportive! Also since joining with my daughter Jess, I am helping her work towards her goals.

What is your favorite part of Get Fit NH?

ALL the coaches are awesome. They are so patient when I am having a hard time with an exercise or if I don't remember how to do something they take the time to show me and they make the classes fun!

Great job Rita, and I have no doubt that when we re-test shortly for those bands, you will shed more of them!

Stay tuned for the second part of this mother daughter spotlight!

Coach Adam

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