Nellie Shines in the Nutrition and Training Spotlight

14183871_10154521612553410_7091546577619141930_nOnce a month I have the privilege of leading the Jumpstart Nutrition Workshop. I meet so many people from all different places, family situations, vocations. Each of them are traveling toward a better place of health but are in different places in that journey. I’m not sure I would recognize Nellie today. She has made changes that are giving her big results. Results that she didn’t even expect.

Take it from here, Nellie:
“When I met with Meagan on my initial success session,
We both agreed I know how to eat healthy, I was just not doing it. I have discovered I need some level of accountability, whether to myself, or to a group. I’m not sure which one has had the biggest impact, but I’m not over analyzing it. It’s working!

What I did not realize was how to vary the healthy foods and make them “Not only chicken”! Since starting the “21 Day Jumpstart Detox”, I have more energy and some other discomforts have just gone away. I have learned how avoiding grains, sugar, and too much dairy has impacted how I feel!

For the most part I have been compliant. I made a conscious choice beginning with what I was and was not ready
to incorporate into my daily life, and have not beat myself up over the choices.

I have coffee, with a little 2% milk (only dairy daily). I have other things I am going to work on in the future but for now this was just right. I enjoy playing a board game with my husband about two times a week, and this includes a glass of wine (4 small glasses total since beginning detox). Again, this was a pre-determined choice before beginning.

Additionally, I am surrounded by “unhealthy” foods. Initially, it was challenging. Now, I have no desire to even consider eating them. My family eats them, I make/buy/cook/bake them. I just don’t eat them. I make the time to make my own healthy meals.

In training I am getting stronger, slowly. I know that I need to get more weight off in order to push myself. My frame was not designed to carry this. I am confident this will come off as I continue doing what I am doing. I don’t want to get hurt, it’s my nature to be competitive, both against myself and others (Coach Meagan has seen this once or twice). I’m too old to push myself to injury. I am lucky I don’t have more aches and pains and I’m grateful at the same time.

I found myself antsy to “test out” of a few bands, but decided I should be patient, enjoy the process and the progress and not beat myself up for not being where I was 25 years ago physically especially with coordination!

I love the program you have set up. I love the support, encouragement, patience ss well as the happy! I enjoy the varied coaching, Meagan and Adam compliment each other so well.

I don’t know if I’ve lost much weight. My clothes are a bit looser. I notice little things, rubbing my arm, and having it feel different, to the point that I look and see the difference is toning! My complexion is clearer and the extra dark circles under my eyes I have lived with all my life don’t seem as dark. All of this is a combination of both what I’m eating (or not eating) and training.

So thank you, for now I’m on my right track, and look forward to continuing the journey! I’ll get there! Wherever “there” is. I think I will know it when I get there!

I’m aware many people need to have it cut and dry. I don’t. Rules are guidelines to me, I really do appreciate all of the suggestions and guidelines provided.

My really bad habit… Well, I’ll let it go, I just don’t know when. I have to be ready.

Thanks for being there!


This is powerful. Nellie is doing it just right. She is taking those steps forward. She is seeing her progress and feeling it. And yet she is living life. I am so proud of Nellie.

Keep on doing what you are doing. Train smart, eat with better choices, and at some point we’ll tackle other things. Let these changes settle in, then take on a bit more.

What are you going take on today to move forward? Remember, we are here for you.

Coach Nancy





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