No Mind Warping

In reading a book a couple days ago, the idea of sticking to what works and what you know works was highly prevalent. What the author was referring to was sticking to his program and trusting the system they had created. 

There is always going to be some new system promising “six pack abs in 3 weeks” and that you have to be dedicated to sticking with the system and not jumping from one new idea to the next to the next. That can be difficult when it comes to fitness with so many different opinions and a new book coming out every 35 seconds on Amazon. I’m not talking so much about the system as I am in trusting your instincts and what you know, unequivocally, has worked for you.

The reason I bring this up, is in reading this portion of the book I remembered back to when I used to work at GNC (gasp!). I have mentioned this before but I distinctly remember one day my manager bought a couple boxes of pizza in for us. Upon me being told this, I must have raised an eyebrow, “pizza…at gnc…really?” because I remember her saying “yeah, it’s got protein, some vegetables, it’s got what you need in there”. I remember this because I remember how quickly my mind spouted off with “oh, you’re right”. Everyone reading this knows that eating pizza is not good for you. I knew it then and I know it now. However, because my mind wanted it, when it heard that small bit of twisted logic, my brain latched onto it like a drug addict as I downed my third slice.

It all comes down to this - any one of you reading this knows: vegetables…good, protein...good (forget about source, vegan versus animal, any of that, just protein in general), sugar…bad, pizza…bad. The things you want have a way of twisting your mind until you come to a decision that it is actually good for you. As our clients, you guys have education on the subject. 95% of the time if your first instinct is “that food is bad for me” then you go with that instinct. Don’t get caught trying to convince yourself pizza is good. You can know pizza is bad and still have it every once in a while. When we start twisting the logic that bad foods are good for us, that’s all our mind needs to latch on and rationalize it over and over. So, remember - pizza and sugar = bad, vegetables and protein = good, don’t twist it.

-Coach Adam

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