No Whining

Get Fit NH is a special place to train. But training in Epsom at 6pm is an unforgettable experience. Part of the crew that trains at that time is Lori and Wayne. They are responsible for a new shirt the 6PM Crew at Get Fit NH will wear proudly. Get Fit Whining PROOF

Lori gives a little insight into her determination, motivation, and dedication.

“I decided to come to Get Fit NH because our son was getting married. I tried to go walking but I always came up with excuses not to. I knew Get Fit NH offered 2 weeks for free so I signed myself and my husband up.  He wasn’t too excited at first but I wanted to see what it was all about.

I didn’t feel very coordinated or in any shape when we started.  I was soar and had trouble even walking.  I never knew someone could sweat as much as I did.  I had done aerobics, tried running, zumba and yoga but still I never sweated as much as I did and do at Get Fit.

Wayne and I both got hooked and have been here for 3 years now.  I have tried most of the challenges regarding eating.  Each time I have taken away a new habit.  We don’t eat like we did when we started Get Fit.  Wayne will tell you we don’t eat pasta or bread on a regular basis.  He’ll now tell you how much we eat squash.

Other things that have changed besides food, I feel stronger.  I have muscles – people at work joke about not messing with me.  I feel more confident about myself.

I really appreciate all of the time and attention you have given to me (and Wayne) over the last 3 years.  We have both benefited so much since joining Get Fit NH.  We have also found old and new friends.

Lori and Wayne entering the Hall of Fame Red Shirt. (Photo bomb by Coach Dean optional)

Lori and Wayne entering the Hall of Fame Red Shirt. (Photo bomb by Coach Dean optional)

I realized how far I have actually come since joining Get Fit.  I realized pounds and fat aren’t going to be shredded in large numbers in only a matter of a couple of weeks.  It will take time to drop these things.  After all it did take a little bit of time to add them on.

The thing I have to start doing is instead of saying “I’m not allowed to eat that” changing it to “I’m choosing not to eat “that”.  I was talking to Wayne about going to a conference last week and how I observed people at the buffet.  I saw people walking away with a brownie and 2 cookies.  I realized that was me not that long ago.  I was actually fine not having any of those items this time.  I know there may be a time in the future that I’ll be in the buffet line and look to take a brownie or cookie but I know there are always other, healthier choices.

Every competition you have had over the last 3 years has had an impact on our eating habits.  I look back to what I use to eat and most items have been removed.  On a rare occasion we may have them when we go to a restaurant but a lot of times I look for a better choice.

Thank you again for all of your encouragement.”

Get Fit NH is grateful Lori and Wayne have chosen to train with us. I for one appreciate the humor, attitude, work ethic, and all out fun they add to each evenings training.

Keep Making It Happen over and over again,

Coach Nancy



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