Now THAT Was Fun!

skierg-worldsprintsFirst off all let me say how proud I am of everyone who came out this morning and participated in the 2013 SkiErg World Sprints. It takes a lot of guts, willpower and determination to step up, grab those handles, and go for it. For those of you who participated for the first time, a special kudos goes out to you – you did it – 1000 meters!

It was great to see some new faces in the training facility this morning as well. Adam and Deb brought a cheering section and Sharon brought her whole family and more!

We will be compiling the numbers and sending them off to Concept2 by Monday morning. Do you realize you now hold a world ranking? Putting yourself out there is huge, and you will only be better and get better because of it. As soon as Concept2 aggregates the data from around the world we will let you know, and you will be able to see how we did.

The other cool thing about participating this morning is that now you have an official ranking and score for the SkiErg Category in the Get Fit NH Heptathlon. The leaderboard has changed dramatically, and many of you have earned medal status, so make sure you check out the leader board on Monday.

To the Super 36 – Kathy, Anne, Gretchen, Cristy, Nancy, Sarah, Sharon, Susan, Casey, Nadine, Maria, Terri, Mary, Janine, Leslie, Kim, Laura, Kim, Diana, Deborah, Karl, Brian, Scott, Adam, Rick, Tom, John, Scott, Bob, Eric, Michael, Chris, Oliver, Collin, Andrew, David – Congratulations for Making It Happen!

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