One Step At A Time

One Step At A Time

Does the thought of achieving your goal ever overwhelm you?  Maybe even to the point you give up?  I have felt the same but I know giving up will never achieve the positive results I desire.  In July 2018, I won a free entrance into the Newport, RI Half Marathon.  In 2017 I was not able to walk for longer than 20 minutes due to fibromyalgia pain.  The idea of walking 13.1 miles seemed totally overwhelming.  Some people told me that I should not attempt it.  On October 7th, I completed 13.1 miles in 3 hours and 47 minutes.  I know I didn’t break any time records but I completed what I set out to do.  The start of the race goes up a pretty long and steep hill (or so it felt!).  When I was going up this hill I was not thinking about the rest of the 13 miles.  I had to focus on this point of the road.  When the pain started to set in and my heart was  pumping, I stayed focused on the task at hand, getting up that hill.  I even started to repeat a mantra under my breath, “I can do this”.  I made it up the hill and on to the next challenge.  Throughout the race, I focused on the road I was on.  I tried not to think about how many miles I had left.  Finishing the half marathon was a huge accomplishment for me. 

Completing a half marathon taught me a few many things.  

  1. Goals are achieved when you are willing to take it one step at time.  I may have wanted to be done with the race by mile 8 but I had to continue moving forward to reach the finish line.  Don’t stop when your “race” gets tough!  You can achieve your goal! 
  2. Don’t let slow progression deter you from reaching your goal.  I could not let the fact that people were faster than me stop me from completing the race.  Everyone progresses at a different rate.  Don’t get frustrated and give up just because you aren’t achieving your goal as quickly as you would like or in comparison with others.
  3. Don’t doubt your ability.  Sure I was nervous about the half marathon but I did everything I could to stay positive and tell myself I would achieve my goal.  Your mind is one of your most powerful assets.  It can either hold you back or drive you forward.  As hard as it may be and despite the challenges, make a choice to stay positive.

I want to encourage you to take your goals one step at a time and with some determination and a positive mindset you will achieve what you set out to do!

-Coach Erin

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