Part 2 of a Mother & Daughter Spotlight

You've already seen Rita in the spotlight last week, and now her daughter Jess is shining, too!

I asked Jess to write something up, because it has been AMAZING to watch her transform on so many levels. Her confidence, her attitude, her commitment, and her form (just to name a few) have come a very long way in a pretty short time. I cannot imagine NOT having her and her mother Rita in our 5:30 training hour. She is consistently on the perfect attendance poster. She lifts heavy every time and she makes those around her smile. It has been an absolute joy to coach Jess. Proud would be an understatement to describe my feelings about her performance. Here is what she has to say...

Jess and her mom Rita winning our "Best Mother-Daughter Accountability" award!

1. What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to starting at Get Fit NH?

I had two really big challenges before before I started with Get Fit. The first one was staying committed with what I was doing; I'd go to the the gym for a few months straight and eat really well and then completely fall right off the wagon. I think one of the reasons because of that was that I was doing it alone. My second biggest challenge was that when I was at the gym I was to intimidated to go weight section of the gym. I knew that it was an important part to working out but seeing all those buff dudes working out made me really self conscious.

2. What changed after starting?

All of that! I feel that having my mom going through this with helps big time. When I'm having a hard time getting motivated, she's always there to get me going and vice versa. Its also nice knowing that everyone one who goes to Get Fit is there for the same reason and probably has felt the same way at the gym.

3. What specific results can you share?

I've been feeling so much better! The best result is that I sleep so amazingly now. Before I would sleep so inconsistently that I'd wake up exhausted.

4. What would you say to somebody on the fence about starting?

I'd say that going to Get Fit has been the best money I've ever invested on myself. The atmosphere is so welcoming and everyone is incredibly friendly. The coaches are always there for you and make sure that you're doing exercises properly. They're so encouraging and want to see you reach your full potential. I absolutely love it here and everything about it.

5. What has kept you coming back all these months?

When I found out about Get Fit from my mom it couldn't have come at a better time. I had just lost someone incredibly close to me to suicide and Get Fit has be an amazing outlet for what I went through. I'm now focused on becoming the best possible version of myself and Get Fit is definitely helping me take steps in that direction.​

Here is another thing I love about Jess. She is in her 20's so she is younger than our typical student, but SHE GETS IT! She is setting herself for up for success so young by investing in herself and finding a way to make it happen. I am so so so thankful that Jess (and Rita) came to Get Fit NH. Keep making it happen, ladies! ​

-Coach Meagan

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