Patti is Picking on the “Burley Men”

patticlimbingPatti sent me over this from her latest adventures. There is no telling what you can do when you train hard and enjoy life!

“Hi Dean, Here is a story for you!

I was at a tree climbing class today (for fun) with some landscapers and arborists .. At first everyone was “uh oh there is a girl here” and then we tried a piece of equipment where you utilize upper body strength to basically pull yourself up the rope.

I almost didn’t try it because all the burly lumberjacks were having trouble with it. I finally tried it and the instructor stopped the class and the Burleys all came to watch my ascent.

The instructor told me ( repeatedly) that he was shocked at how fast I climbed and was all going on about it (I credited my training mornings and GET FIT because they were looking at me like I was an alien – LOL)  He said  to  make sure I told you ! ( we blew him away ! ) 🙂

While we were trying to decide if it was upper body, lower body or core strength that made the difference I realized it didn’t matter – it was “GET FIT NH” strength!

Thanks as always for helping me reach my potential and equipping me for my adventures!



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