Patty is One Amazing Lady

Patty is one amazing lady. I know she doesn’t see it as much as I want her to, but she stands out in a room. She is the one with a positive attitude no matter what is on her calendar or how she feels. When I asked her to allow me to do a spotlight on her, she wasn’t thinking she had a story to tell. But Patty is just like me in so many ways. She works full time, has a wonderful family and grandchildren that she wants to play with for many years to come. She works hard in the gym just like so many do. Yet Patty is also a hero. She doesn’t give in to discouragement when the drive to training becomes an hour each way. She doesn’t stop trying to eat healthy when she is down with a cold. Life goes up and down but Patty keeps getting up and brining others up right along with her. I know many of you will relate to Patty’s spotlight because in many ways you are like her.

“I have read every spotlight Get Fit has posted, so when Nancy asked me to write something up about me, I was very surprised. I don’t see myself as any of those prior spotlight people. They are all huge success stories. Me, well, hmmmm. I like to think of myself as more of a “keep trying” kind of girl. I am more of the turtle in the race with the rabbit. I have had my successes, but I have also had my setbacks, but like the turtle, I keep on going.

The reason I started at Get Fit was all because of a friend/coworker, Michelle. She had started at Get Fit and when I started complaining that my scale must be broken because it never went down any more, she said I should go with her. Still not convinced I wanted to go, she again shared her wisdom with me by saying, “Patty, just go…what are you going to do at night anyway? You will just go home and lay on the couch” (that Michelle, she is a very smart lady). So, off I went and you know what? Yeah….I hurt like a son of a gun those first couple of weeks. I knew I was out of shape, but seriously, that was bad. It taught me that I never wanted to get that bad again, so I continued on.

I have done the detox several times, the S3 (one of my personal favorites), and several of the nutrition workshops. The nutrition part is big for me. I am not a huge fan of veggies, I know, I know…they are good for me. Nancy took that information and challenged me by telling me I had to try two new veggies the next week. Scary thought, but I did it. Who knew spaghetti squash and daikon are really good. Daikon now replaces the pasta I would have put on my soups and spaghetti squash now replaces the pasta in my spaghetti dishes. Might not be a big win for some, but for me, it is huge.

So, I have been at Get Fit for over three years and one of the things I love the most is the people I work out with. They push me to pick up more, changed my attitude from “I can’t do a push up” to a “Yes I can” (even if I still struggle with this, Glenn!). I was working out the other day and someone looked over at my weights and said “you can do more than that”. They were right, imagine that. I picked up more the next time and I struggled, but I did it. It’s the people at Get Fit that have me driving a lot of miles to work out. I can’t imagine a place where you will get that kind of feedback from someone who isn’t even the coach.

Here is my advice to those struggling, or just feeling like they are not making huge progress. It’s okay, just keep going. Never give up on yourself. You are worth it and even if you don’t see huge results, the results are still there.“

I told Patty her next vegetable to try is Jicama. I know she’ll like it, especially if she makes Jash Browns.

Keep on making it happen, Patty!

Coach Nancy

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