A great tip from a two year old

As I sit here to write this blog I am reflecting after a LONG couple of days with a very strong minded two year old. Two year olds have a lot of great qualities (a lot of obnoxious ones too!) I think when we grow up, learn manners, and all that adulting stuff we forfeit some important qualities…let me explain one that comes to mind..

  • Perseverance. There is NO ONE committed to persevere like a two year old. When someone tells them NO you can’t do that they rarely accept that as an answer. And if they get put in time-out then guess what? They get up and they try it again. I can’t answer for how long that goes on before they learn some discipline, because I am not there in my parenting career just yet ☺ My point is, there is a way to reach your goals and it isn’t going to be easy and you might even be told no you can’t do that or even hit a speed bump along the way, but regardless of how hard it is, you must persevere (you can probably hold the tissy fit, though. That’s not a good look!)

If you have vision for yourself then it is up to you to make that a reality. Your coaches are here to help lay that foundation. Never let anyone tell you that you CAN’T and don’t tell yourself you WON’T. Believe. Persevere and hold the temper tantrums!

Make it happen

Coach Meagan

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