Powerful Words from Cara to You

The other day we got a great note from one of our Epsom superstars. Cara is a Get Fit NH celebrity. Her story is featured on our newest brochures, because she is an inspiration and a direct reflection of what happens when you put the tools we offer to work. I can’t possibly say enough good things about this woman. I can only hope that her note that I am sharing with you lights a fire under you so that you too can be as successful as she has been.

“Pre Get Fit NH I was a “modifier.”   I would be “on a diet” every Monday through Wednesday and then it was just a little of this and a little of that. By Friday all bad habits were back in full force…to start again on Monday. I tried counting points, plans online, my own plan, and no plan.  The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result….and never getting them of course.


Cara Before

My fitness was the last thing on the list. I was the last thing on the list. If I joined a gym…I did the minimum possible …then just left after a short workout.  I didn’t really try the hard things. They hurt.

When I walked into Get Fit NH July of 2013…it was my last hope.  I was not far from 300 pounds. Really.

The first few days were so so hard. I could barely walk I was so sore, but I made it through the 2 week trial.

I started at 2 days a week. Then moved to 4. The weight started coming off about 6 to 7 pounds per month to reach a 100 pound weight loss. I’ve reached so many other goals because of that first step.

I have learned it’s okay to struggle with the moves, to shake and that getting fit is not going to be pain free. You have to really want it and go past your comfort zone to create real change.

I was thinking this week about the word “modify”. If we have a fitness and a nutrition program, and we are constantly modifying (other than for medical reasons of course) the moves, or we take the easy level of the training, are we improving? If we modify our nutrition…where does that line begin and end? Eventually we modify so far it is even a program? I may not be the most popular girl in the room for that one but, it’s true.

We have our coaches and ourselves to push us along to the next levels.  I also have accountability partners both at Get Fit and at home that keep me in check.

So…What if….we just try that next level up in class even if it’s hard? What if we add 5 pounds more, or go to the next spot on the chart? What if we hold that position just another 5 seconds? Yes it does matter.

What if….we look at the food program again for the first, second or 20th time? What if we really do the shopping, planning, and packing of the food each day? What if we just ….DID it?


Cara Today

Our behaviors can take time to change but they can be changed.  We have patterns but new ones can take their place.

What if ….you couldn’t fail? – Cara”

Pretty powerful, huh? I really don’t need to say anything else about this. If you want to lose fat, build muscle, look and feel great, but you aren’t doing it then you will not get results you desire. We all struggle with something, but sometimes it’s all about getting out of your own way and putting what is important to you above the struggle.  What if you just tried and watched what happened?

Make it happen,

Coach Meagan

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