Protein Supplements: Powdered Mixes

Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein

2lb .8 oz (30 servings)

Sustained-Release Ultra-Premium MPI Blend w/Natural 80:20 Casein:Whey Ratio

Ultimate Muscle Protein is the best tasting and mixing protein supplement that we have discovered. Beverly has been around since 1967, and the owners are a joy to work with. UMP is extremely versatile, and we use it in everything from our coffee to making great tasting puddings.  Due to it's high casein content, UMP digests more slowly than whey concentrates or isolates, which makes it great in a snack to keep you full longer, but is a great choice around training too.

Flavors we carry: Vanilla, Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Strawberry, Cookies N' Cream, Rocky Road.

Stronger. Faster. Healthier. (SFH) Pure Whey

33.9 oz (30 servings)

Pure Whey is derived from what we call "happy cows". Grass fed, free range, and never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones. Pure Whey uses stevia as a sweetener. It is a faster digesting protein than UMP, and is a great choice for during and post-training. 

Flavors we carry: Vanilla, Chocolate, Churro, Tropical

Stronger. Faster. Healthier. (SFH) FUEL

32 oz (~30 servings)

SFH FUEL combines non-denatured whey protein from "happy" cows, coconut fat (MCT's) and apple pectin. MCTs (medium chain triglycerides): are high energy fats. They are never stored and are burned as a fuel to produce 4-5x more energy than a sugar molecule and do not spike the release of insulin. These fats are broken down to ketone bodies which are the preferred fuel for our brains and hearts. Apple Pectin: is a complex carbohydrate rich in water soluble fibers. The fibers help to slow the absorption of high glycemic carbohydrates and sugars. FUEL is a great protein to keep you going all day long.

Flavors we carry: Coconut

PlantFusion: Complete Plant Protein

32 oz (30 servings)

Our search for a plant-based protein brought us to PlantFusion's Complete Plant Protein. Containing no soy, gluten, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts or shellfish, Complete Plant Protein meets our standard for a high quality protein, with 21 grams of protein + amino acids in every serving. If you follow a plant based nutrition plan or are allergic to whey protein, this is a great choice for you.

Flavors we carry: Vanilla, Chocolate

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