Putting Sandy to a Challenge is in the Spotlight

As a coach, I have challenged a few people. Sandy is one of those people. If I had to describe Sandy with one word, it would be Determined. She sets her mind to something and then figures a way to make that happen. This determination makes me proud. I am proud of Sandy for putting the work into herself. That work is showing in many different areas. 

As we did deadlifts in training, I challenged those around Sandy to pick up heavy weights. The group starting naming things that they thought were heavy to pick up. Dogs, animal feed, groceries, small children popped up in the conversation. ​I'm not sure how it happened but airplanes came up. Quite sincerely Sandy said, "I can't pick one up but I can push one."

Sandy is just over 5 feet tall. But she packs a lot of power in herself.

Sandy's determination to do a task doesn't stop with planes, which by the way, she is a pilot. Sandy showed that determination during Ski Erg World Sprints. I challenged her to join in the challenge. She didn't shy away but took it by the horns and finished the 1000 meters with her crew at 9am cheering her on. 

Sandy is determined to one day do a perfect, magnificent push up. Why does this 5 foot tall lady want to be so strong? Her goal is to be able, if necessary, to fireman carry (putting a person over your shoulder to carry them) her son. Matt is an adult, but in an emergency he wouldn't be able to move fast enough to get out of a building. He is in a wheelchair. Sandy, as his mom, wants to know she has the ability to bring him to safety. Her determination is bound in love. 

Keep Making It Happen, Sandy, because you inspire me each day to have that kind of determination.
-Coach Nancy

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