Read What Diedre Accomplished in 2010!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


I now feel confident that I will live a much longer and healthier life.  Below is a copy of my blood work results  just 6 weeks or so after I started boot camp.  Today (about a year later) I received my latest blood work results:

Start Now Variance
Cholesterol 212 mg/dl 165 mg/dl
47 mg/dl Favorable
Triglycerides 157 mg/dl 79 mg/dl
78 mg/dl Favorable
HDL Cholesterol 49 mg/dl 54.2 mg/dl
5.2 mg/dl Favorable
LDL Cholesterol 132 mg/dl
95 mg/dl 37 mg/dl Favorable

How awesome is that?  If you are able to offer a 5:00pm or 5:30pm class in Concord in 2011 (DONE! 🙂 I will definitely go back to 4 sessions/week and make an even bigger difference in my health.  I have also committed to quit smoking on November 18th of this year, National Smoke-out Day, I have no doubt that will impact my health even more!

Thanks so much for your help, support and patience in this past year.  As you can see you have made a real impact on my overall health.  My Doctor even wrote a comment on her note to me about keeping up with my boot camp.


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