Recovery Rules



Wait a second, is that Recovery Rules as in… “Yo Garth, recovery ruuuuuuulllllleeeeeessss dude!”

or as in

“Robert’s Rules of Recovery?” (If you are under 30 you may not get either reference, sorry…)

Actually it’s a little bit of both.

Recovery really does Rule, one way or the other, as in “If you don’t voluntarily take recovery time off your body will MAKE you take time off when it gets sick, tired and run down.”

But there are also Rules for Recovery, as in “What are some things  I can do to make sure my body is ready for the training cycle ahead?”

With apologies to Tyler Darden, here is the first rule of recovery.

No whining about taking recovery.

Here is the second rule of recovery.

No whining about taking recovery.

A properly managed training cycle insures you get adequate training stress and adequate recovery in order to make progress, which is why we write our training cycles the way we do.

August 25th through 29th is our next recovery week.

This is part of your training program, and is a necessary deload to keep you healthy and moving forward. Those who follow the training plan, including this part of it, are the ones who make the most progress. Those who ignore it are much more likely to get injured and not be at their best. I have seen it over and over again. Deload is a necessary part of the training cycle.  Take some time, read these articles, and remind yourself why. You’re welcome! 🙂

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Last but not least you will want to note our schedule change for Monday September 1st, which is Labor Day. We are going to be having an “all family” training session at Get Fit NH Concord from 8:00am to 9:30am. This will be our only training time of the day, so come on in, get an incredible training session in, and then enjoy the day with your family and friends – you earned it!

That’s it for now guys.

You want it, you gotta Make It Happen!

Coach Dean


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