Recovery Week Homework!

I am posing this challenge to all of you!  Spend some time this recovery week working on strengthening your joints.   We are taking some time for a recovery week from training, but if you can give me 10 minutes a day over recovery week I promise you will come back looser and stronger!  

Below is a video with some recovery week homework.  Now I know what you’re thinking “homework? Seriously dude?” this is obviously optional but it could make a huge difference when you come back to training the Monday following recovery week.  

This 10 minute or so sequence involves 4 exercises that are meant to strengthen the smaller stabilizer muscles in your joints.  What does that mean?  It means that you will be able to squat more, lift more, press more.  It is a little more complex of what exactly is going on but I wont get into that here, however if you are interested in learning please feel free to ask me.  It also means that you will be at a lower risk for injury overall! Can’t beat that right?  

For those of you that have some pain doing certain movements, like pushing movements, these can help you strengthen the shoulder so that you don’t get that pain.  For those of you that were here this past Tuesday and went through those 4 exercises in class, you can fast forward in the video to the 9:50 mark and I will walk you through the exercises in real time.  For those of you who were not able to join us, the ten minutes or so before that will explain the set-up and the movement which you should only need to watch the first time but you can refer back to if you need to.  10 minutes a day over the week of recovery that’s all I ask! Bet money that if you stick to it you notice a difference! 

-Coach Adam

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