Red Band: Trunk Stability Push Up

If you have a red band, you are not alone. This is a common band among athletes at Get Fit and a tough one to overcome! The trunk stability push up corresponds with this band and can be any extremely difficult exercise to perform. During this exercise we are looking to see if the core can stabilize while performing a series of events.

What is this test assessing?

  • This test is looking to see if you are able to perform a movement with the upper body all while having no movement visible through the hips and spine. We are looking to see if you are able to stabilize the spine while performing an upper body push movement. How well you can recruit your core/central pillar stabilizers while doing a symmetrical upper body push helps us coaches determine if we need to be cautious with certain exercises.
  • Ideally, checking to see if you can lift yourself as one unit, rather than leaving your hips behind 🙂
  • This test also analyzes spinal extension and checks to see if there is pain associated with it.

What does this mean when it comes to exercise?

If you are one of many to receive a red band, we want to be cautious when performing challenging core stabilization exercises, as too much stress can be put on the lower back, therefore leading to back pain over time. Ouch!!!

Examples of exercises not performed with a red band:

  • Pushup from the ground (MAGIC BAND PUSHUPS can be completed though!)
  • Burpees
  • TRX pushups, TRX Atomic Crunch, TRX Knee In, TRX Mountain Climbers (anything with feet suspended)

Well, how can I work to get out of this band? I want to do some of those exercises!!

We are looking to safely help strengthen your central pillar to allow yourself to complete more challenging exercises when appropriate. No sulking allowed, rather let’s try and focus on doing these two personalized exercises daily!

1. Lower Body Rolling

Purpose: Improve core strength and timing while moving through rotary stability patterns

How to perform:

  • Lay on your back in the supine position with arms overhead
  • Raise your R leg and start crossing it over the body
  • Begin to roll your body over towards your left using nothing but the lower body
  • Continue to rill until in the prone position on your stomach

Repeat: Roll back and alternate sides for 1 minute

2. Slow Pledge Pushup

Purpose: To improve torso stability

How to perform it:

  • Start in a pushup position with hands directly under shoulders and feet wide for stability
  • While pushing the floor away and keeping the hips as still as possible, slowly raise the R hand to the L shoulder, tap, and slowly bring back to the starting position
  • Alternate to the other side

Repeat: 10 total repetitions; 1 tap to each shoulder is one rep

​Cheers to some rolling and pledging today,
Coach Cari

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