Red Light, Green Light. What Do You Mean I Can’t Do That?

stoplightDid I just use the word “can’t”?

Actually I did because “currently unable” was too big for the title of this post. 🙂

But it did get your attention didn’t it? Because that is not a word that we use at Get Fit NH.

“Currently Unable” is not just semantics, it is a fact. Just because you are unable or it is inappropriate for you to perform a particular movement or exercise now doesn’t mean you never will be able to do it.

And that concept fits right in with what we talked about last week when we introduced SGT and reinforced the concept that training quality counts.

As we roll out SGT (smarter group training) you have no doubt seen some changes in the gyms. Funny colored acronyms on the board, corrective posters, etc. Corresponding with these is what are called red light exercises.

What exactly is a red light exercise or movement pattern?

Red Light = Currently Unable

The reason we red light an exercise is to minimize risk of injury while maximizing your results. It means the screen has shown us something that needs to be addressed. There has been a weakness, imbalance or dysfunction detected, and the next step is to implement a strategy in your training to address it.

After the corrective strategies are used and the pattern clears, then it is time to train that pattern. No holding back, just getting after it. By getting you moving better, you can now train harder, and you will get better results.

Win Win!

So what’s that look like in the real world?

It may mean that after your screen you may not be doing an exercise you have done in the past, at least for a little while.

This is a good thing!

You see that’s why we screen. Because as good as your coaches are, they may not be able to detect an underlying problem that is going to bite you at some point in the future, short term or long term. We have been researching and studying the best way to mitigate that fact, and we are really excited about putting a formalized system in place that reinforces excellence.

The Red Light is not to hold you back, but to help you get better – faster.

And rest assured that your coaches have been screened and are using the system in our training as well. An old guy like me needs all the help he can get, and if I have to take a step backward to take a giant leap forward, I am all for it.

If you have any questions, that is what your coaches are for. We are New Englanders, we don’t like change, I get it. We don’t necessarily like people to think we have “limitations”.

But “Currently Unable” is not a scarlet letter, it is merely a recognition that we are getting better, little by little, every day.

Make It Happen!

Coach Dean


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