Rock n’ Race Schedule Change and Charity Training

 On Saturday, May 11, 2019 we will host a charity training to support our Rock n' Race Team, Get Fit NH & Beat Cancer. Proceeds from this event go to the Payson Center right here in Concord. To read extensively on where the money from the Rock n' Race goes check out this link.

We have all been impacted by cancer and this cause deserves our support. If you can't get out there and walk or run with us then come on down to our charity training on May 11th at 8AM. Your friends and family are more than welcome to join us. The cost for this event is $10 and we will put all funds toward our team. The Rock n' Race is Thursday, May 16th at 6PM. If you have not joined our team yet you can do so right here (Get Fit NH & Beat Cancer is our team name)

Mark your calendar for these events and the changes to our schedule! 

We will be CLOSED for training that night. We will be open for training in the morning on Thursday, May 16th. We will be OPEN Wednesday, May 15th for all EVENING trainings ONLY so that those who are unable to participate in the event do not miss a night of training 

Thank you for understanding and for your support. Let's make it happen,

Coach Meagan

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