S3 Spotlight Shines Brightly

Just finished S3- Sizzlin Summer Slimdown? 

Pat yourself on your back- you've made this coach proud.

I just finished entering some of our numbers into the magical spreadsheet that tallies up scores. I see so much in those numbers. Some of you have worked to decrease your weight and succeeded by grand numbers. Others have lost weight but more importantly they've proved to themselves they could. While others have lost weight while dealing with unbelievable stress and obstacles. Others have seen how a meal plan can benefit their overall wellbeing. There is so much success from my team and all the other teams too. 

Marcy said; "I LOVE the grocery list...I am saving so much on not throwing things out!!!"

Tracy discovered; "Having fish once a week is awesome! I love the halibut!"

Mary Beth succeeded through a challenging time of year; "I've given up all caffeine and diet soda at the tail end of a stressful school year."

Sonia found a win when; "I unexpectedly had to come into the office today and my lunch was ready to go!!! I didn't have to figure out what I was going to bring with me!!

Patty sees a win; "I took a close look at my goals today, as well as my steps to get to them. I realized that although I struggle with one of them, I have put into place all the other actions."

These are just sprinklings of all the wins Team MTXE accomplished. Meagan's Minions, Team Adam- Start to Finish, S3 TBT Team Fox, and S3 Team Mean Dean are seeing these successes too. 

Take time right to pat yourself on the back. Shout out your wins below.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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