S3 Success Story “So, I am finally getting it!”

Got this note from Get Fit NH Superstar Katie a couple days ago, and it is a keeper! There is so much in here to be learned, so take a few minutes to soak it all in.

Here are some good reminders that I saw in here:

  • Don’t be “all or nothing”
  • Make it as easy as possible
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Expect results WHEN you get your nutrition in order

Great job Katie, keep it up.

Coach Nancy

When I joined in January, I weighed XXX lbs according to my scale at home (which happens to be pretty much dead on with the new scale you got), and when I started S3 I weighed XXX lbs. I was doing the work, but wasn’t eating right, so not
seeing huge results.

Haha, remember there were no veggies on my food diary for two days??

Since S3 started, I have been eating 1-2 large salads per day, and have pretty much cut out all bad carbs and limited the good ones.  Since 4/30, I’ve lost 9.8 lbs and it feels great!  And I actually look forward to eating my big salad at dinner!  There were two occasions where I sat and ate a salad while everyone else was going to town on a bowl of ice cream!

I just want to thank you and Dean for all that you do – it’s great to have trainers that genuinely care about their clients, and go above and beyond to help them reach their goals.  You definitely push me to do more than I would have done on my own, and there are many times I find myself hearing you say “you can do anything for xxx more seconds” (like when I’m running up the hill by my house, and want to stop and walk)…

I am just really surprised with how well this is working for me – meaning, I am losing weight and it has been easy!  I was
hoping to lose 2 lbs a week during S3, but I thought that number was too high to shoot for.  I had prepared myself that I might have to start running every day to do this (like I’ve had to do in the past to see results), but I haven’t needed to. I’ve only been running maybe 1-3 times a week (short, like a mile, and when I say run I mean an 11 minute mile jog). I honestly don’t love running, so in the past I think I always failed before reaching my goal weight (and gained ALL of my weight back and THEN some) because I made my weight loss plan too difficult to stick to.  If I didn’t run 5 days a week, I would get discouraged.

The diet part wasn’t working for me because I definitely wasn’t eating enough protein, and was always hungry.  Now, I really only eat 3 meals a day.  Occasionally, I will have 1-2 plain Wasa crackers as a snack, or a piece of fruit, but I haven’t really been hungry between meals.  I think the one thing that made this easiest for me when starting off, is that I took all the decision making out f meal planning.  I don’t have to think “what am I going to make for dinner?” because I already know that it’s going to be a lean meat with either sauteed veggies or a salad or both.  Or if I’m going out to eat, I know that I am going to get a salad with grilled chicken.

Lately, I’ve made the Melissa’s Mean Green UMP shake for dinner (get the recipe here) because it’s good, cool, and filling!  Just last night my husband and I both had shakes, and he kept saying “wow, this is really good” (before he had it, he made a face when I told him I was putting flax seed and avocado in it).

Oh, and I haven’t stuck to this diet 100%.  I know in the past I’ve been all or nothing – “since I’m going to have this hot dog, I might as well eat a burger, potato salad, pasta salad, 2 beers, half a bag of chips and a bowl of ice cream”.  I’ve just tried to do my best wherever I’ve been, and allowed myself to have smaller portioned treats when I’m around certain foods.  I’ll eat my meat and salad, and have a little scoop of the yummy looking potato salad.  It was a little tough at first, but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really want that stuff (or at least not a lot of it – I’m satisfied
after a few bites).

Haha, sorry for the book I just wrote, but I’m just in such disbelief with how well this is working for me!  Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

Looking forward to reaching my goal weight in the near future, thanks to your help!



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