S3 V.I.P. What You Need To Know

S3 2015The excitement is building as S3 V.I.P. get closer – just 10 days to go. If you are not in yet, you are missing a lot!

Is it Diet and Exercise or Exercise and Diet? As Coach Nancy reminds us, good nutrition and regular intense exercise are like the wheels on your bicycle – You have to have both if you really want to make progress. The good news is when you train at Get Fit NH you already have the exercise portion, so as you have figured out by now, S3 V.I.P. is going to be focused on “the other wheel” – getting your nutrition in a place to supports health and fat loss.

Step 1: It starts with our Custom Nutrition Guide, created especially for Get Fit NH by our friends over at Whole9. Read about why we chose Whole9 for our introductory nutrition coaching by clicking here. The only way to get your hands on one of these is to attend a Whole9 seminar, and we have added one just for S3 V.I.P. next Saturday, May 2 at Get Fit NH Concord. Be sure to talk to your coach about getting there.

Step 2: It’s not enough to know what to eat. In fact I bet you probably have a really good idea of that right now. The important thing isn’t just knowing what to do, it’s actually doing it. And that’s where the Success Checklist comes into play. While it’s up to your coach how they choose to have you track, we are all going to be tracking at least the things on this card. There are hard copies in the gym, and you can also download the checklist in either .pdf or Excel format.

If these habits look familiar, that’s because they should! Principles of good nutrition do not change. Not everybody is going to (or has to) eat the same foods, in the same amounts at the same time. However there are principles of good nutrition that apply to everyone. Eating for health and leanness is a skill, and developing skill takes practice. The Success Checklist is where you measure how practice is going.

S3 V.I.P. 7 Habits

  1. Did I plan and/or prepare every meal I ate today?
  2. Did I eat vegetables every time I ate today?
  3. Did I eat lean, complete protein every time I ate today?
  4. Did I eat healthy fats every time I ate today?
  5. Did I drink only zero sugar beverages today? (Exception: post-training)
  6. Did I avoid all added sugars when I ate today?
  7. Did I eat/drink complete lean protein within 1 hour after resistance training today? (n/a = not training day)

Now you may be looking at that and thinking “I don’t even know where to begin! What’s a healthy fat? Lean, complete protein? Vegetables? Never heard of them! :)”

GOOD NEWS!  That is where the Whole9 Nutrition Guide and your Team Coach comes in to play. Those two incredible resources will help you get and stay on track.

Speaking of on track, here’s a handy calendar to help you remember important dates and checkpoints. Let’s get ready to roll!

Coach Dean



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