Sam is in the Athlete Academy Spotlight!

The spotlight is shining on another of my Athlete Academy kids, Sam. Sam has been a member of our Athlete Academy for a while now. Not only has he set personal best times in cross country, but he recently won a coach’s award for cross country over the fall session.

Sam is pictured on the left.

Sam’s mom, Lori (who is also part of the Get Fit Family!), described the award: “The Coaches Award is given to the athlete(s) that show leadership, good work ethic, and being a team player both on and off the field”.

Sam and his brother have been a part of Athlete Academy for a while now, and watching them continue to grow (quite literally in Sam’s case) and progress has been awesome. The award Sam has eared is an important one because it shows how well-rounded the athlete is in all facets of the game, both on and off the field. Great job Sam and keep up the great work!

-Coach Adam

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